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Sean Reardon Employee Spotlight

This month we would like to take the time to acknowledge our Sales Manager, Sean Reardon! Starting with Eck Plastic Arts in 2019, Sean has proven strongly dedicated to our mission statement, providing excellent customer service and the highest quality product...

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Summertime Productivity at ECK Plastic Arts

We are cruising through Summer 2022! We love summer time for its warm weather, greenery, sunshine, fun vacations, time off school, and some much needed R&R! Another reason we love Summer? One word… PRODUCTIVITY! Productivity (when referring to workplace...

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Made in the USA, on purpose

There is one thing that is for sure about Eck Plastic Arts - we strive for quality projects, every time. Saving our partners money and time are also aspects we have built our philosophy on. Quality, time, and savings - do not just happen on their own. We have...

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