We are cruising through Summer 2022! We love summer time for its warm weather, greenery, sunshine, fun vacations, time off school, and some much needed R&R! Another reason we love Summer? One word… PRODUCTIVITY!

Productivity (when referring to workplace productivity),  can be defined as, “the amount of work that staff can produce over a certain period”. Productivity measures the total output of goods and services, versus the total input of labor and costs. Did you know that some studies show that between June and August, workplace productivity can decrease up to 20 percent? The same study showed that work attendance at work decreases by 19% (vacations, trips, PTO), and workers are 45% more distracted.

It’s true! It can definitely be challenging to focus on a task, while the beautiful August sunshine is beaming down on the green grass outside, as you’re dreaming of all the sweet summertime possibilities that could fill this sunny day. Hey, we get it! We are only human, and it is human nature to want to be outside in the sunny fresh air, enjoying time and having fun. It’s a GOOD thing that we all have this instinct! On the other hand, projects still need to get done for our amazing partners! 

So here we are presented with an option – accept the decrease in productivity, or put in place some action to encourage productivity, despite the beautiful sun shining outside. Can you guess what we pick?

Here we have for you THREE ways you can try to kick jump some productivity, while still enjoying this awesome weather while we have it!

Let some fresh air in

Cracking open some windows and letting the sweet summertime air in the workplace can be very beneficials for workers. According to a Harvard Business Review study, it’s been shown that breathing fresh, high quality air can improve decision-making performance, a measure of productivity in the workplace. How cool!

Work with your HANDS

Did you know that working with hands has amazing benefits to the brain? We find this so cool, because we work with our hands A LOT! Many studies have shown that working with hands requires a hand-mind feedback loop to take place in the brain. When your hands are working and get activated by physical touch, the pleasure chemicals in the brain (endorphins and serotonin) release in the brain, AND decrease cortisol (stress hormone). Decreased stress and increased pleasure from getting work done? Yes please! Also, working with your hands can increase neuroplasticity in the brain. This means there is an increase of neuron integration, the literal forming of new bonds in the brain, brain growth and repair, and the rewiring of the brain! Incredible stuff!

Employee Recognition

It’s always a great idea to give credit where credit is due, in any form of work. Sometimes leaders and supervisors forget this in the busyness of the day to day, so it’s great to be reminded of its importance and impact. Engaging with employees (knowing their name, their life, values, what they love and enjoy, their strengths and weaknesses, etc) can have a HUGE IMPACT on individual and team performance. Teams who actively engage with their employees have on average 40% better performance than those who don’t. Let’s strive to celebrate wins, encourage strengths, work on weaknesses, stay consistent in our efforts, include all employees in a creative way, and make it personal!

With all this being said, may we all strive to stay inspired about our work, grow in our knowledge and skills, and take pride in a job well done. Work is HONORABLE, and working hard just does the human soul some much needed good! Cheers to working, sunshine, and projects!