Here at Eck Plastic Arts we want to do a great job, and work smart. How do we do that? What does that mean for our partners? What can we offer, and what gap can we bridge for you?

To start off, let’s review the process of Injection Molding. Injection molding is an ideal process for manufacturing parts with detailed features, complex geometry and in large quantities. Eck stands behind their work and services. All hardened steel production molds are guaranteed while they are in our possession. 

Eck guarantees your mold for as long as it is in our possession. No quantity is too low or too high. We can complete sub-assemblies. You own the mold when the project is completed. Eck offers competitive pricing.

When designing a part for injection molding, a couple things that we focus on include the following:


Tooling (mold) cost


Avoid sink/warp of the finished part

The moment the semi-liquid plastic enters the mold it’s going to start shrinking, and it is not going to do it uniformly unless you control it. This is how molded parts become warped, or end up with sink marks. By choosing to work with us, you can be rest assured that our expert engineers will have the ability to provide you with the feedback you may need to develop a part that is suitable for injection molding. 

Injection Molding  is an awesome process that we’ve worked diligently to master.  It continuously inspires us to be searching for the best and most efficient ways to get your project done! 

We’ve built our company size in a way that gives us the ability to give our partners finished projects with personalized, flexible and personal touches. We are able to offer large volume jobs, as well as small projects .

On our website we have a couple resources for you to keep the momentum going on your project: Design Guidelines and Material Selection Guide. This is a great place to start and see how we can make your vision a reality. 

Our ability to accomplish such incredible processes like Injection Molding, are because of our Eck Plastic Arts Partnership Promise:


So now that you know what we do, and how we do it- let’s get to work! Contact us today to get started.