Eck Plastic Arts was established in 1949. Have you ever stopped to think about just how very different your life would be if you were alive in 1949?

What really is remarkable is the fact that Eck Plastic Arts has been producing quality plastic parts for original equipment manufacturers, without fail – all this time! Eck Plastic Arts’ ability to maintain an unbreakable commitment to its employees, customers, and community since 1949 is no easy suit. Think about that for a second… since 1949?! That was a long time ago, and many things have changed since then, and yet – many things have remained the same.

In 1949…

In 1949 gas was $0.27 per gallon, as you all may be feeling… that is not the case right now! An average teacher’s salary was $2,470…also very different today when you think about earning capacities, rise in price in goods, and complete change in standards of services and jobs. This one really will blow your mind- a new car was $1,420! Could you imagine!

There is no doubt that life was just different back then. The North Atlantic Treaty Organization established, the Soviet Union detonated its first atomic bomb, West Germany & East Germany were formally established as nations, and Bruce Springsteen and Billy Joel were born. A different era, with its own issues, exciting times, worries, and joys!

What has remained is the core values that keep our country alive and moving forward. American values were at the heart of the US in 1949, and still remain true today. Independence, freedom, self-determination, equality, direction, action, work, grit, and liberty took roots in the efforts of 1949, and still to this day are what pull us forward. Without these values, Eck Plastic Arts would not be where it is today. Our achievement in Injection Molding, Thermoforming, Plastic Fabrication, and Product Finishing Operations stems from our belief that we have a job to do, ,and a job to do well – all while lifting up those around us.

This is the American dream, this is our pride and joy, this is our “why”. Anyone can do a job – but to do it well, and to have the desire to help others through that job well done — that is the unchanging heart of America.

Whether it be 1949, 2022, or even 2050 – It is the heart that keeps us going.

Eck Plastic Arts: Established in 1949. Still going strong.