What is something that keeps everyone going? 

A couple things may have come to mind — perhaps inspiration, financial freedom, drive, passion? 

Well good news – we have you covered in all of those.




Financial freedom





Here at Eck Plastic Arts we are incredibly passionate about what our manufacturing careers help us accomplish. We are thrilled to lead people to pick an incredible career path. Inspiration for the work you do, financial freedom earned from a job well done, the drive to improve and help others, and the passion for excellent work. All amazing aspects of a career in manufacturing.  

Something else so incredible about manufacturing jobs is that they touch almost any skill set. This allows for such freedom for those willing to step in this direction of work when it comes to picking a specific path that best fits them.  

It’s a specific type of person, who has the hunger and vision to embark on this journey. The journey of taking a concept of an idea or problem, developing a product and solution, engineering that solution electronically to produce a tangible part, and then taking it a step even further to engineer a process to have that specific piece built. Clean, accurate, and satisfying processes — that make something incredible out of just an initial idea. 

This is what feeds the human spirit that desires challenge, progress, and tangible results. This is fulfilling work, real hard work, that the individual has the power to grow and cultivate everyday. Are you a person with heart and passion? Do you desire more from your day to day? Most likely the answer is yes. 

If we haven’t convinced you by this point that a career in manufacturing is the way to go, then check out these facts!

More fun facts about a career in manufacturing:


Average annual earnings = $50,540


Various job titles & duties: Assemblers, CNC machinists, technicians, engineers, quality control, sales etc


Interesting categories of expertise like robots, animation, and large equipment


Number one thing we look for in people:those who can fit into the culture of our business and those who genuinely care

The sense of pride that comes from holding onto something at the end of the day that you’ve made, that will solve somebody’s problem or complete somebody’s vision- There is nothing better than that. We are so passionate about encouraging you towards a career in manufacturing because of the amount of love we have for the work we do. Days don’t need to be boring and life consuming. You can actually be energized by the work you do. The work you do can send you on a journey of seeking even more out of the day to day, instead of just leaving you exhausted and uninspired. 


Consider a career in manufacturing. Dare to step out and flourish. We highly recommend it, and you won’t regret it. 


Thank you for your time!