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Design Guidelines: Important Factors – Our Specialty

In efforts to make working with Eck Plastic Arts as simple and pleasant as possible, we have included “Design Guidelines” on our website. Our goal is to help reduce the costs of your parts, while sustaining high quality production. 

The Design Guidelines section of our website is designed to be a resource for you, to supply with you general guidelines for injection molding. With a focus on making sure that your part is finished without becoming warped, or having any end up with sink marks – there needs to be a uniform process in which the semi-liquid plastic is controlled.

The Guidelines include information on:




Coring & Wall Thickness




Corner Design


Thickness Transitions


Ribs & Rib Thickness



These guidelines help to keep a focus on what exactly is going to happen when the semi-liquid plastic enters the mold and begins to solidify and shrink; and how critical of a moment this is. The guidelines highlight aspects of the part production that need to be considered in order to produce amazing parts (and we sure do!).

The two major things to mitigate when designing a part for injection molding:


Tooling (mold) costs


Avoid sink/warp of the finished part

The guidelines also review generally accepted tolerances for the injection molding industry, highlighting the importance of the molder’s ability to predict important things – like how the polymer will shrink as it changes from liquid to solid both inside the mold, and after the part has been ejected. Many factors go into making a high quality part – and the guidelines keep everyone focused on all the happenings behind the curtain. 

Eck Plastic Arts worked hard to employ expert sales engineers to guide you, help you, and explore design options for your next project that reduce costs and increase quality. Our commitment to upholding impeccable ​​Design Guidelines  standards is just another tool in our toolbox of quality. We talk about quality so often, that you know it is a given from us. On the flip side to this, our partners are happy to know that we are just as dedicated to low tooling costs, as we are to amazing quality.  

Our employees are more than ready and able to assist you in whatever project you have in mind. We love to use our expertise, on things like these Design Guidelines, to help our partners make their vision a reality. The Eck team is standing by, ready to support and help as needed and desired. There is absolutely no reason you should be in the dark with anything when it comes to Injection Molding – we have you covered! Your part will be fantastic, and the guesswork will be replaced with confidence and satisfaction. We’ve figured out how to get you there – and are excited to be a part of your project.

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