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Made in the USA, on purpose

There is one thing that is for sure about Eck Plastic Arts – we strive for quality projects, every time. Saving our partners money and time are also aspects we have built our philosophy on. Quality, time, and savings – do not just happen on their own. We have intentionally set up our processes in order to achieve such things. A major way we do this is by making our products local. Intentionality is intertwined into the heart beat of what we do – we strive for excellence, and know the steps that need to be taken to get there. It is in taking those steps, that we lift up and help those around us.

Since 1949, we have resided in Binghamton, New York. It is here that we have built and maintained an unbreakable commitment to our employees, partners, and community. Read on to find out five ways we are able to benefit the country and our local community, just by doing what we do best- producing amazing quality plastic parts.

More jobs for Americans — more jobs for our community

This is how we do what we do. We know that it is through the investment in quality people, that we are continually able to improve processes. Delivering the highest quality plastic parts to our partners can only be done by having amazing workers who work hard and know what they are doing.

We believe in being set apart from the competition, and that this is done through   investment in our staff and community. This is our home – we have families and value the truly important aspects in life. We are grateful to live in a country where we are able to work towards our goals and build a life that truly matters. Our commitment to quality and excellence is a commitment that has made our country what it is today.

Reduced Delivery Cost & Shorter Lead Times 

We make your parts right the first time, and deliver them on time. No matter the size of the order, every partner receives the same excellent customer service combined with the highest quality products on the market. 

We work to save our partners valuable time in the production process. What is amazing about our product finishing operations, is that it eliminates the need to contract multiple suppliers for finishing and assembly services. We offer Pad Printing, Hot Stamping, CNC and manual machining of inserts and plastic parts, Painting, Plating, Wire assemblies, Sonic Welding, Engraving, Soldering, Multi-component assemblies, and Customer packaging.

When we are able to produce your product from start to finish, you are able to get the finished quality product in your hand fast. This helps everyone involved. Overall, by locally producing products, we are able to increase our adaptability to our partners needs, save our partners time and money, and produce amazing quality products.

High Standards for Quality & Partnership (The Eck Promise)

We make art through our dedication to amazing products. We do not stop at “good enough”. We sit down for each project, and take the time to accurately analyze it from design to production. We are constantly addressing factors to be able to make the best quality product, at the best quality price. This dedication is applied to every job, because we understand the impact that our work has on the partners we serve. This is what keeps the engineers and buyers of our community, coming back to Eck Plastic Arts.

Our dedication to excellence is what keeps our business thriving. Our country needs thriving businesses, just like we need partners to design and produce for. We work together, for what really matters.

The Eck Plastic Arts Partnership Promise: Hire and train good people. Execute precise processes. Deliver quality parts.

Localized and Excellent Customer Service

We practice flexibility and dedication in all aspects of our business. We are thrilled to have so many amazing partners within The Greater Northeast area. We love to be able to service within a day’s drive very easily, and frequently. We are ready and able to come onsite as well.

Customer service depends greatly on the geographic location of experts and staff. We strive for our partners to benefit from an intentional connection with us, in order to handle their projects in a correct and timely manner. Our commitment to quality and excellence is achieved by eliminating the chances for any issues or frustrations. This is why we strive to remain available for service, whether it be a day’s drive, or just a couple hours. We remain ready and able to help you with your project, and achieve the utmost quality.

Supporting US operations and communities

Keeping manufacturing operations in the United States, our tax money is able to support the community we live in, the community our employees live in, and the lives we build for ourselves. Supporting a community requires funds, and we all would like to see our home become a safe and prosperous place to be. Though policies in the country change often, our dedication to our country does not waver.

We are here, Our lives are here, our families grow up here, we are a part of this – and we are determined to contribute to the home that has done so much for us. We know and believe that keeping manufacturing operations in America strengthens our economy, and works to keep the financial system secure, which we all benefit from.

There you have it – Made in the USA (because we like it that way!)

To sum things up, we love our home. We love our families and the people around us. We want a vibrant and comfortable home for generations to come. We encourage self sufficiency, excellence, and a commitment to something greater than yourself. Our efforts set us apart, because we are fueled by what makes us great – people. Our community, partners, and employees inspire us daily, to strive to do the absolute best we can do for others. Check out our website today to learn more.

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