Mission Statement

Eck Plastic Arts will hire and train good PEOPLE, investing in them so they can invest in our community. Eck Plastic Arts will continually improve our PROCESSES ensuring on-time, cost-effective projects. Eck Plastic Arts will deliver the highest quality PLASTIC PARTS motivating confidence in every partnership.

About Eck Plastic Arts

Eck Plastic Arts is located in Binghamton, NY and produces quality plastic parts for original equipment manufacturers. Established in 1949, the company maintains an unbreakable commitment to its employees, customers and community.

Eck Plastic Arts makes your parts right the first time and delivers on time. This is exactly why our partnerships with our loyal customers are strong and consistent. No matter the size of the order, our customers receive excellent customer service and the highest quality products available. We are an ever-growing business and pride ourselves on living our Mission Statement day in and day out.

The Eck Plastic Arts Partnership Promise:

Hire and train good PEOPLE. Execute precise PROCESSES. Deliver quality PARTS.

We believe through our quality PEOPLE and the focus on continually improved PROCESSES we deliver the highest quality plastic PARTS ensuring your confidence in a long-term partnership.

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