This month we would like to take the time to acknowledge our Sales Manager, Sean Reardon! Starting with Eck Plastic Arts in 2019, Sean has proven strongly dedicated to our mission statement, providing excellent customer service and the highest quality product available. With a background in management and sales, Sean has shown himself to be an outstanding member of the Eck Plastic Arts team.

One of the best things about Sean is his absolute dedication to listening to his client’s needs and his ability to deliver on them. He is known for his top-notch service and for providing clients with quality parts they ordered to their exact specifications.

When not in the office or on the road, Sean loves spending time with his wife and daughter. If he’s not with his family, you can probably find him golfing, playing hockey or training for his new passion, sprint triathlons. 

One of our favorite memories of Sean is while even on the road for Eck Plastic Arts, he somehow managed to catch a foul ball at a Red Sox–Orioles game last year. 

We got the chance to ask Sean a few questions about his time with Eck Plastic Arts 

What made you decide to join the Eck Plastic Arts team?

I was attracted to the culture at Eck and wanted an opportunity to work for a family owned and operated small business. Prior to joining Eck, I had worked for larger corporations and enjoyed the experiences; however with a small business, you get the opportunity to see your impact much clearer. 

Well, to name a handful of reasons…

What is the most interesting project you have worked on?

It’s probably not just one specific project. My favorite projects are the ones that we are involved with at conception and have the opportunity to help guide along throughout the process. Ultimately, we are a service provider and what differentiates us is our people and processes. For us, once a new mold is built for a customer I find joy in the realization that a project has now come to life. A physical part is being made from what was once only an idea. It’s pretty cool to share in our customer’s visions and manufacture parts that help make them successful. 

What is your favorite thing about joining the Eck Plastic Arts team?

We have a great culture here at Eck. Everyone’s door is always open and collaboration is encouraged. We are customer focused and all have the same goal to provide exceptional customer service, on time delivery, and the highest quality parts. Whenever our doors are open, you will always be able to talk to a person, and everyone is willing to help. 

If you have any questions about working with Eck Plastic Arts, call Sean!