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CARE about the place you WORK and LIVE

Here at Eck Plastics we are proud and grateful to serve the community of Binghamton New York. We are able to do this by hiring and training good people, and are dedicated to this philosophy. We invest in our employees, so they can invest back into our Community. Our vision for our employees is to be able to work a satisfying job that provides a living for them and their families. A job that is fulfilling, gratifying and able to sufficiently provide.

We believe that a business like Eck Plastics is what gives the heart beat to a community. Our customer base is generally concentrated in the Northeast. We are proud to have some of our largest customers located right here in Upstate New York. 

It’s no secret that we work hard everyday to produce the best products possible, and are grateful to supply to our committed customers. Our commitment to making quality plastic parts has set us up for incredibly strong and consistent partnerships with our customers. Our employees, customers and community are at the heart of what we do, and have built us a rock solid foundation of excellent customer service and the highest quality plastic parts available on the market today. 

Your Project Will Be Successful at Eck Plastic Arts Because of Our Partnership Promise: Hire and train good PEOPLE. Execute precise PROCESSES. Deliver quality PARTS.

We believe that investing into our community positively and directly affects the community around us, and that many of us call home.  We have been able to expand into new markets by committing to increasing our capacity and capabilities – which has only been possible through our investment into the people who work at Eck Plastics. The Binghamton area has rich culture and was built on this very principle back in the 1920s during the Endicott-Johnson Shoe Company era.

We love our area for the community it offers. The historical background of the southern tier, combined with new innovation and thinking makes this area a great place to plant some roots and enjoy life. We believe in working hard and creating amazing products, and that this requires good employees.  We take pride in giving people a place to come and take part in satisfying work.

We are a growing manufacturing company that genuinely believes that every great company starts with even greater people.  We supply people with an opportunity to be a part of a great team that makes great products. To be able to have a hand in, and be a part of growing the Southern Tier community is something we are extremely excited about. It takes a village – and we are grateful to be a working part of the “village” we call home. 

For even more insight on how we are positively giving to our community, check out this LINK for an article we were featured in.

and our engineers can get their eyes on what it is you’d like created! 

“The future of every community lies in capturing the passion, imagination, and resources of its people.”

-Ernesto Sirolli 

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We believe through our quality PEOPLE and the focus on continually improved PROCESSES we deliver the highest quality plastic PARTS ensuring your confidence in a long-term partnership.

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