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New 1000 Ton Press is coming!

2019 ended with some major changes to ECK Plastic Arts including winning awards, to creating a new Mission Statement* and meeting with clients all over the East Coast and into Canada as well!

We expect even better thing through 2020. We are increasing capacity and capability of our injection molding department, which now brings us up to 1000 tons of clamp pressure. We are also investing heavily into our fabrication and vacuum forming departments to further emphasize our commitment to continuous improvement. This will allow for an increased production of quality plastic parts to meet all of your needs. We look forward to inviting you to tour the updated facility once it is completed.

*The Eck Plastic Arts Partnership Promise: Hire and train good PEOPLE. Execute precise PROCESSES. Deliver quality PARTS.

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We believe through our quality PEOPLE and the focus on continually improved PROCESSES we deliver the highest quality plastic PARTS ensuring your confidence in a long-term partnership.

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