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Proudly Announcing Our Most Recent Score Card Results

Below you will see examples from various clients in the fields of defense, security, and aerospace. We also have been certified as a Top Supplier recommended for new sourcing opportunities from a client in the materials and handling industry!

We are very pleased to have all of our hard work recognized from our valued customers. With all of our numbers either close to 100 or at 100% we know the quality people we employ are not only creating the quality parts we are known for, but also delivering them exactly when the client needs them.

Defense, Security and Aerospace Company:
Quality: 99.95%
On Time: 99.83%

Aerospace and Defense Company:
Quality: 100%
On Time: 99.98%

Medical Diagnostic Company:
Quality: 100%
On Time: 100%

Material Handling Company:
Quality: 99.75%
On Time: 100%

Safety Equipment Manufacturer:
Quality: 100%
On Time: 100%

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