Our 1,000 Ton Press Is Ready To Work For You

Imagine needing 1,000 tons, or 2 million pounds, of force to hold a mold closed?! Our new 1000 ton press produces much bigger parts, and allows us to lower your overall project cost! 

With our new press we have the ability to produce large parts, and bring the total project cost down on mid to high volume jobs by using molds that have much higher cavitation. This means more quality parts will be coming to you on time and with the same service you have to expect from us.   

In Addition To Our New Press You Can Still Expect The Following From
ECK Plastic Arts

  • Over 70 years in business
  • Quality Custom Plastic Parts
  • Injection Molding
  • Vacuum Forming
  • Fabrication

The Eck Plastic Arts Partnership Promise:

Hire and train good PEOPLE. Execute precise PROCESSES. Deliver quality PARTS.

We believe through our quality PEOPLE and the focus on continually improved PROCESSES we deliver the highest quality plastic PARTS ensuring your confidence in a long-term partnership.

Here is what our current customers are saying:

“I appreciate the level of business involvement you produce to help us achieve results and you have proven yourself time and time again…your capabilities and your eagerness to help with projects so that you are involved at design and inception can help eliminate time consuming errors along the way.”

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